Client Testimonials

I had been struggling with extreme pain and instability in my S I joints. I also had a lot of pain in my lumbar spine from a sprain and scoliosis. I was in so much pain and my life was very limited. Movement made my joints go out and grind, and sitting was so excruciating. Even lying down was terribly painful and sometimes my joints would go out then as well.

I was very relieved to learn about prolotherapy, but I was also very nervous about the procedure. However, after Dr. Jarosz answered my questions and explained his technique, I felt completely confident in the procedure and in his abilities. I also felt hope for the first time in a long time.

I have had 3 treatments now, and it is life changing. I continue to gain stability, I am able to sit for much longer periods, and I have started physical therapy. My life is so much fuller now. I have a lot less pain, and I have been able to go longer distances to enjoy some vacations.

This therapy has been a miracle in my life. I highly recommend prolotherapy by Dr. Jarosz. He is an expert and a very caring physician.

Jenny Jodry, Troutdale, Oregon

Dr. Jarosz is immensely knowledgeable, and amazingly precise, pertaining to his healing practices. I’ve had prolotherapy done on my shoulder (torn rotator cuff), my tendons in both thumbs, and torn tendons in the hip/leg area. I was skeptical at first. It sounded too simplistic to really be effective. I was surprised and truly astonished by the outcome, both in complete healing, and also in the short amount of time it took both to do the procedure as well as the very quick healing time. The cost was amazingly affordable as well. I also found him to be very personable and he listened very intently as to exactly what was going on in my cases with various injuries. I think he’s a brilliant doctor. Get an evaluation done, and I think you’ll likely see that he has amazing techniques available specifically for healing you, both quickly and effectively. I am still a bit astounded that this works so amazingly well. I implicitly trust Dr. Jarosz, and more than a few years later, am still very pleased with the results.


Dr. Glen, it has been over a year since my last PRP treatment with you.

I just wanted to touch base with you and let you know that my knee has pretty much made a complete recovery.  Short of trail running or any other high impact activities, I am basically able to do whatever I want.  I am able to trail run, but I avoid it due to the other activities I enjoy that are lower impact.  It is very nice to have that part of my life back.

So, I wanted to thank you for convincing me to pass on the micro-fracture surgery, which was scheduled for the same day as my first visit with you.  The PRP definitely did the trick.  I would like to write a review or leave a testimonial as to the success that I had with your treatments. Again, I really appreciate the treatment you provided, and the results that followed.  Thanks again.

It has been over 2 years since my last PRP treatment with you.  I’m not sure if you remember, but you also were treating my fiance, Christine Binus for a while after my last treatment.  She has since moved out to Colorado with me.

Brendan H

Dr. Jarosz is fantastic!

Cheryl Grant

Dr Glen has given me more relief than any other doctor and continues to be an active partner in this complex medical issue. Many well meaning physicians have taken a stab (pun intended) at attempting to alleviate or lessen the pain I have lived with, they had not been successful. I have Dr Glen’s depth of knowledge of the body and non-invasive solutions have resulted in improvements that I did not think were possible. I have faith, that under his care, I will continue to improve. After seeing many medical professionals, I feel lucky to have him by my side on this journey. I respect his expertise, his comforting energy, his honesty, true caring about my journey and its potential, and his sense of humor. After seeing many medical professionals, I feel lucky to have him at my side on this journey. I feel that I have the best medical assistance with Dr. Glen and highly recommend him to all.

A very grateful patient

I began prolotherapy treatment with Dr. Glen Jarosz in April 2011 for severe right-hand pain and weakness, primarily in the thumb joint. It was to the point that I could not use my thumb to grip or pinch at all and wrist and finger activity was severely limited and painful. Initially, Dr. Jarosz injected all of the above-affected joints, and within 10 days my finger symptoms of stiffness, pain and restricted range of motion were approximately 50% to 75% improved.

S.T., Retired RN/Medical Consultant

5 star reviews for Aesthetic Medicine

Dr. Jarosz patiently explained all options available to me and seemed genuinely concerned about making sure he found the best one for me. He is very knowledgeable about the various products available and is very patient focused.

Anon on 10/5/2017

Once again I have to highly recommend Dr. Glen. I just completed the micro needling with PRP and the results are fantastic! I highly recommend this!!! I’m so excited about my younger looking skin!! It has taken years off my face!

Anon on 7/18/2018

Dr. Glen is professional and personable. I feel confident in his ability to truly listen and execute what I’m asking for. Never over the top, always natural-looking results that make me feel fabulous. =) Thanks, Dr. Glen!

Anon on 8/1/2018

It was great meeting Dr. Glen and actually working out a plan of attack for my face!! I had been getting Botox and fillers at ‘another place,’ but for a while now, but it hasn’t been fixing my issues. After contacting him, I didn’t think I needed a consultation because clearly, I knew what I needed. Well, I was wrong and I am so glad I got the consultation! Dr. Glen really listened to what my priorities/issues were and explained what would and wouldn’t work. As I said at the beginning, I do feel now like I have a plan. I’m excited about carrying it out!

Anon on 10/10/2018